Sister Cities Association of Salisbury / Wicomico County, Maryland USA
Board of Directors
~John Hickman
~Gerry Wood
~Carole Champagne
~Ernest Boger

~Boger, Ernest
~Champagne, Carole
~Hamilton, Therese
~Hickman, John
~Keenan, Marion
~Russo, Tony
~Thomas, Cathie
~Welsh, Tom
~Whitehead, George
~Wood, Gerry
~Yan, Luyao
~Yao, Hong

~Faith Tyndall
~Tom Welsh
The next meeting TBA.
Welcome to Sister Cities Association of Salisbury/Wicomico County's homepage. Our association began in 2006 when we joined Sister Cities International and began to formalize our relationship with Salisbury, England. There are currently approximately 15 active volunteers in the Sister Cities Association of Salisbury/Wicomico County. If you'd like to join or for further information please contact John Hickman at Please check out our site and view our activities in our local community as well as in our sister cities.
Mission: International exchange creating lasting friendships through cultural understanding, economic development, and education.

Vision: Global peace through mutual understanding.
The Board met Dec 4, 2018.
The Board met Nov 6, 2018.Agenda
The Board met Oct 2, 2018.Agenda
The Board met Sep 4, 2018.Agenda
The Board met Aug 7, 2018.Agenda
The Board will meet Jul 3, 2018. [canceled]
The Board will meet Jun 5, 2018. [canceled]
The Board met May 1, 2018.Agenda | Minutes