Sister Cities Association of Salisbury / Wicomico County

Our Sister Cities
We have three sister cities organizations with which we have formal relationships: Tartu, Estonia; Salisbury, England and Salinas, Ecuador. Below is a variety of information from penpal relationship opportunities to the homepages of these Cities.

Salisbury, England

     Salisbury is located in Wiltshire, England also known as New Sarum. The City has the first UK cathedral school, founded in 1091. The present cathedral was built between 1220 and 1258. At 404 feet it has Britain's tallest spire. It also has the best preserved of the four original Magna Carta. St. Francis de Sales in our Salisbury has a sister school relationship with a school in Salisbury UK; the relationship was facilitated through our mutual Sister Cities organizations. There is a population of approximately 50,000; the majority of the population was born in England.
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Fast Facts: Guildhall; Arundells House; Kings House Museum; Old Sarum; Poultry Cross; Salisbury Cathedral; Sarum College; Boscombe Down; Longford Castle; St. Mary St. Nicholas Church; Water Meadows; Wilton House
Tartu, Estonia

Tartu is looked at to be the intellectual and cultural hub of Estonia. It is also the second largest city of Estonia. The flag and Coat of Arms is the recognized symbol. The government is elected by residents in four year terms; there are currently 49 members on the council.
The University of Tartu is a well known institution that Salisbury University has been in conjunction with for international education.
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Fast Facts: Estonian National Museum; Kissing Students Fountain; St. John's Church; University of Tartu; KGB Cells; Kristjan Jaak Peterson; Le Coq Brewery; Old Anatomical Theatre; Raadi_Cemetery; Von Bock House
Our Friendship City
We have one friendship city with which we have an informal relationships: Dalian, China. Below is a variety of information from penpal relationship opportunities to the homepage of this city.

Dalian, China

     Although Dalian is an informal relationship not recognized through Sister Cities International, we partake in events and have students from the area and college students that visit Dalian as well. Dalian is the second largest city of Liaoning Province. It is also one of the most heavily developed industrial areas of China. Some of the various tourist attractions are the Zhongshan Square, Friendship Square, Lao Hu Tan, Fujiazhuang Beach, Dahei Mountain and Lushun Museum. There are 12 high education schools and research centers throughout Dalian. Their current mayor is Xia Deren.
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Fast Facts: Dalian Xinghai Square